Avocado smoothie recipe | avocado banana smoothie | avocado juice | Malayalam | Healthy smoothie

1 avocado1 avocado
½ banana½ banana
3 tbsp honey3 tbsp honey
1 cup milk, chilled1 cup milk, chilled


¼ banana, slice¼ banana, slice
1 tbsp dry fruits, chopped1 tbsp dry fruits, chopped ( optional)
1 tsp honey1 tsp honey


firstly, take 1 avocado into a blender.
add ½ banana into it. you can increase the amount of banana if you prefer.
also, add 3 tbsp honey. alternatively use sugar for sweetness.
now add 1 cup chilled milk and blend to smooth smoothie.
add more milk if required to form a smooth smoothie.
for serving, take a tall glass and stick few banana slices onto the wall of glass.
pour in prepared avocado smoothie into it.
further, top with chopped nuts and garnish with 1 tsp of honey. i have used chopped cashew, almonds and pistachios.
finally, enjoy avocado smoothie chilled.


firstly, make sure to use well-ripened avocado and banana for a silky smooth texture.
also, you can decorate the glass with chopped fruits of your choice.
additionally, increase the amount of honey if you prefer sweetness.
finally, avocado smoothie recipe tastes great when served chilled.


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