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Apple Cinnamon Smoothie – A Spicy Healthy Indulgence

Apples and cinnamon are made for each other, think fabulous desserts such as apple crumbles and apple pies.  In fact most apple dessert recipes have a bit of cinnamon thrown in.So it makes total sense to combine these two flavors into a healthy drink such as an apple cinnamon smoothie.  That way you can have all the flavors of your favorite dessert, but with far less carbs and sugar.  These smoothies contain only a fraction of the sugar of a traditional pie, relying instead on the natural sweetness of the fruit.  If you’re wondering how to make these smoothies, then take your cue from all those fabulous apple desserts out there.  Whatever flavors you combine in your baking you can use to make a truly delicious drink.   Keep the flavor simple by adding some honey or vanilla, or think berries such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  What type of apple should you use?  Well that depends on the other ingredients and whether you want your smoothie to be a little tart or a little sweet.    Apples such as Red Delicious have a sweet flavor, while Granny Smiths are more tart.  But the best thing about this fruit is its nutritional value.  Apples are great for weight loss, are good sources of vitamin A and also contain vitamins B and C.  They are also high in two important phytochemicals, pectin and boron.  Also I don’t bother peeling mine before adding to the blender as most of the vitamin C content is located under the skin.Cinnamon has a fragrant, sweet taste that perfectly complements the flavors of berries.  It is one of those versatile spices that goes perfectly with almost anything and makes a great natural sweetener for smoothies.  Just add one or two teaspoons of ground cinnamon to your favorite drinks.

Vanilla Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Ingredients2 frozen bananas2 red apples1 cup almond milk1 cup vanilla yogurt2 teaspoons cinnamon2 teaspoons vanilla extract½ teaspoon nutmegHow to MakeBlitz together the bananas, apples, almond milk, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, vanilla extract and nutmeg until creamy and smooth.  Then pour into your favorite glasses.  This makes enough for two people.

Apple Blueberry Cinnamon Smoothie

Ingredients1 red apple, cored and chopped1 frozen banana½ cup frozen blueberries½ cup vanilla yogurt1 cup almond milk1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon2 teaspoons honeyHow to MakeCombine the apple, banana, blueberries, yogurt, almond milk, cinnamon and honey together in your blender.  Turn on to high and blitz until everything is smooth and creamy.Makes two generous sized glasses.

Apple Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie

Ingredients1 frozen banana1 green apple, cored and chopped1 cup frozen raspberries1 tablespoon almond butter1 ½ cups almond milk2 teaspoons cinnamon2 teaspoons honeyHow to MakeAdd the banana, apple, raspberries, almond butter, almond milk, cinnamon and honey to a blender and whizz everything together until thick and creamy.Pour into two large glasses and enjoy.

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