On this website, we explore some of the health benefits of juicing. What’s the difference between juicing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables?

It can be hard for people to get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, so juicing offers them an easy way to consume these healthy foods. Some people can consume more vegetables daily by masking the taste with sweeter fruits in their juice.

Juicing calls for some equipment—namely, juicers. However, because juicers can be pricey, a great option is to use a blender and make smoothies. Smoothies allow you to still enjoy all of your fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget that juices and smoothie substitutes do contain sugar. Four ounces of juice= one Carbohydrate exchange. Be aware if you are diabetic of what fruits you are adding to your juices.

Ensure you are getting the fiber and protein necessary to stay fuller longer by adding protein to your juice or replacing half of the pulp in your juice with water.