10 reasons why you should have a juicer in your life!

  1. Juicing makes you look and feel younger. It makes your skin look radiant and your hair shine.
  2. Juicing helps you lose weight. It’s easier to lose weight when you drink your fruits and vegetables. The body feels fuller drinking them and because the fiber and bulk are gone, you can eat less and still feel satisfied.
  3. Juicing cleanses your body. Any nutrition that was not absorbed or was washed away by the time it got to your stomach will now be reabsorbed and be ready for absorption. This means you’re taking in more fiber, more water, more nutrients and less contaminants or toxins that may be lurking in your tissues.
  4. You can create and make a meal out of vegetables that you bought in the grocery store. You’d be surprised how many meals you can make out of fresh vegetables that you purchased.
  5. The drinks that you make from the juices are tastier. When you’re drinking the juice, you’re not taking in the pulp and it is even better tasting.
  6. The juices are easier on your digestive system. Juicing can help you when it comes to digestion because it gives you the fiber that other foods don’t give you.
  7. You can control what goes in the juice. Depending on what you want to try to eliminate, you can create a juice that is more flavorful or that takes out everything that you don’t want to consume.
  8. If you create a juice that you enjoy, you will be less likely to experiment with recipes that you don’t like.
  9. When you create a juice, you get to enjoy the flavors of it. When you add things to a juice that you don’t like that such as those in chemically-produced drinks, you will likely notice that the taste is not appealing.
  10. The juices that you make will have more nutrition. This will be obvious to you when you taste them but for those who are into counting calories and carbs, there are hidden ingredients in the juice that provide vitamins and minerals.

Talk to a professional. There are many juicing for health tips and recipes out there. You will find that what you want is not always necessary to achieve great results. Your body simply tells you what it needs, you don’t have to be confused by it or try to analyze it or figure it out. Find someone who knows what they are doing and trust them.

Bread, rice, and potatoes do not need to be eliminated from your diet. By simply consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains you can get excellent nutrition without frying up potatoes or eating bagels.

You do not have to be sick of vegetables. Start slow! Choose to introduce new vegetables into your diet every week. Choose to have vegetables cut up for you in a salad or just as a garnish for your soup. Try one new vegetable every week. Along the way, don’t forget the fruits. They are great antioxidants and help with immunity.